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Painting Stairs in Ramallah

Paint Brush
Painting On The Staircase

There are public stairs in a particular area of Ramallah called Ein Musbah, a neighborhood in need of renovation, so the YES alumni decided to revive area with a painting project. Over the weekend, on September 27th, 25 YES alumni joined efforts to paint these public stairs. The YES alumni first learned how to mix paint, then they were divided into groups, to work on a different part of the long staircase. 

Group Painting

It took the alumni six hours to finish painting all the stairs. Throughout the day, many people stopped their cars to take pictures and thank the alumni for their efforts. Mohammed AlKhatib (YES '06) shared, 

"I have to say, painting the stairs was a great project especially in terms of the outcomes. It brought it back to life in a way. People were taking pictures of it and with it since the morning."

Before And After West Bank

Lana Alkhmour (YES 2014 – 2015, West Bank, hosted by CIEE in Wichita Falls, TX)

Ramadan Hijjeh (YES 2014 – 2015, West Bank, hosted by YFU in Hillsborough, NC)

Khaleel Shaheen (YES 2014 – 2015, West Bank, hosted by AYUSA in Phoenix, AZ)

Asha Atabeh (YES 2016-2017, West Bank, hosted by ASSE in Eugene, OR)

Nidal Mutaweodeh (YES 2017 -2018, West Bank, hosted by YFU in Charleston, WV)

Yara Barghouthi (YES 2017 – 2018, West Bank, hosted by AYUSA in Tacoma, WA)


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