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Playing Jeopardy in the West Bank!


On March 17, six YES alumni visited Kufor Aqab School for Boys for the third session of the English Language Skills workshop. They started the session with a fun icebreaker to get the students warmed up and ready for the workshop.

After the icebreaker, it was time for a more complex game: Jeopardy, inspired by the famous U.S. trivia game. The students were divided into four teams of five and their answers only counted if they were given in English. Each team had a leader from the alumni group who helped them when they struggled with some words. Everyone had a blast playing Jeopardy, where they tested their knowledge in different categories including animals, geography, and science.

The fun of Jeopardy was the perfect lead up to the main event, a mock debate that revolved around the topic of “gamification” by using the Jeopardy as an example. The students participated in debates against each other. Thankfully they were already prepared, since they were given the topics at the previous session and had YES alumni supervisors to help.

At the end of every workshop session, the friendship between the alumni and the students grew stronger and richer. Rana Kamal, the teacher supervisor for the workshop, commented, “On behalf of the staff of Kufor Aqab School and the students' parents, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for the help the YES alumni gave our students. The students have learned so much even though the general nature of these meetings has been more fun than the traditional routine they are usually taught.” 

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