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Professional CV Crafting Workshop

Zoom screenshot wherein trainer is sharing resume example

For the end of the school year, YES alumni in the West bank organized an online CV writing workshop. Many alumni are applying to exchange programs or for jobs or internships for the summer break or the fall semester, so this was an ideal time to brush up on their skills for crafting their academic and professional CVs.

13 YES alumni gathered for a three-hour intensive session on professional CV crafting on June 29. The alumni hosted Saed Jarwan, the owner of the International Institute for Consultancy and Training, as the guest trainer. Mr. Jarwan shared his experience working in Dubai and highlighted the importance of mastering CV writing for achieving career and academic opportunities. He analyzed the alumni’s current CVs and assisted others in starting their first one. He also provided valuable insight to help the alumni improve their CVs.

Crafting a well-written CV is crucial in today’s competitive job market. Through this workshop, YES alumni learned to translate and present their skills and achievements through their CVs.