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Providing Food to Those in Need

Foodforthe Poor 1 Yes Website Story Bulgaria

By Desislava Karatopraklieva (YES 2019-2020, Bulgaria, placed with PAX in Mediapolis, IA)

As the weather outside is getting colder, most people are staying indoors to be warm and cozy, although not everyone has the luxury of having a place inside to stay during the winter. There are people that unfortunately do not have the same access to necessities as others. That is why this holiday season, I decided to help those in my local community who were in need. 

Foodforthe Poor 3 Yes Wesbite Story Bulgaria

I decided to prepare sandwiches and give them away to people around my town that were in need of food. I even got the help of some of my friends so that we could make more sandwiches to hand out, including fellow YES alumna Anjela Ibrahim (YES 2019-2020, Bulgaria, placed with ASSE in St. Louis, MO). She really liked the idea of the project and was more than happy to help out. 

After we prepared the sandwiches we went out into our local community and handed them out to homeless people who were in need of food. We were able to give away all of the sandwiches and we made a lot of people very happy. I will never forget the smiles we were able to put on those people's faces. This was a great way to spread some joy to the people around me and even provide some warmth this holiday season.