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Helping Provide Relief to Those in Need

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The people of the northeastern region of Nigeria have been faced with a number of different non-state attacks, driving people out of their homes. YES alumni say these attacks include kidnappings and military operations, but people have also been uprooted from their homes due to natural causes, such as the flooding that has been overwhelming Nigeria the past several months. Because of these issues, many people, known as internally displaced people (IDP), seek refuge in IDP camps and other sanctuary locations.

Although some IDP camps receive aid from federal and state governments and international aid organizations, in Bauchi State there are no camps, and there is also little aid from outside the community. Because of this, IDPs, especially in the town of Bogoro, have had to find other host communities to stay with.

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Aid provided for those in the camps includes shelter, food, health aids and other emergency needs. According to Muhsin, one of the alumni that worked on the project, Bauchi State is seen by the government as a lower priority state with the insurgence, thus the reason the state receives less aid. This creates a problem for the people who are affected.

For IDPs in Bogoro, Bauchi State, Abel Ugada has been working to help as many people as he can. Alongside him, YES alumni collected and donated items to give to those in need. Clothes, cooking pots, mosquito nets and other necessities were donated from the community. This was the second phase of multi-phase program Abel hopes to complete to help those affected by the recent insurgency in the area.

Muhsin Muhammed (YES alumnus 2009-2010, hosted in Harcourt, IA by IRIS) said the alumni chose to support and help Abel in Bogoro because of the need for additional aid.

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“Camps for internally displaced people typically provide water, sanitation and hygiene products,” Muhsin said. “So in addition to clothing we donated water purifiers and buckets/containers for water storage to the IDPs in Bogoro.”

By providing both food and non-food items to the IDPs, alumni allow these people to remain safe while separated from their homes.

Other alumni that helped support and carry out this project include:

  • Charity Solomon (YES alumna 2008-2009, hosted in Glenwood, IA by IRIS)
  • Sunday Ishaya (YES alumnus 2009-2010, hosted in Alta, IA by IRIS)

**Correction 8/27: The project was not initiated by YES alumni, but Charity and Sunday helped Abel with this project after noticing the need for relief. Abel Ugada has worked to help a number of people and allowed YES alumni to work with him on this event.


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