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Public Speaking Advocate

Group photo of Arlaicia and members of the public speaking club

by Arlaicia Makawa (YES '19, South Africa, placed by Aspect in Gig Harbor, WA)

This year I started a public speaking club at my university residence and volunteered to coach members for the year. I started the club to provide individuals with a platform to speak in public about issues that are close to their hearts such as homophobia, racial profiling, xenophobia and self-esteem. 

When we held our first competition, it was amazing to see how everything came together. The speakers raised awareness of pressing issues and one of the judges sponsored the winner with voice over training classes. I appreciated the support from the judges, speakers and audience in making the event a success. This club is the first ever public speaking club at my university and I am happy that it will continue to grow. I'm happy that I will be able to leave a legacy.