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Ramadan Food Drive

Four Alumni Standing On The Street

On the evening of March 22, Muslims in the West Bank were standing near their windows waiting to hear the mosque’s announcement. "Is it Ramadan yet?", they asked. Telescopes were searching the sky for signs of a crescent moon. Suddenly, joyful voices were heard, and people shouting, “It is Ramadan tomorrow!” Kids were cheering, and families began decorating their homes. Meanwhile, YES and Access alumni in Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron, and Jericho began a donation campaign to fill the tables of families in need during the holy month of Ramadan.  

Three Alumni Packing Boxes Of Food

Throughout the month of Ramadan, the YES and Access alumni worked together to collect donations from people in their hometowns. They also visited different shops in their hometowns to announce the food drive and request donations. Some people donated funds, and other donated food items. The alumni in Jericho collected 1,200 ILS (~$331 USD). The alumni in Hebron collected 2,050 ILS (~$566 USD) and ten food packages. The alumni in Nablus collected 3,500 ILS (~$966 USD) and 30 chickens. Lastly, the alumni in Ramallah collected 500 ILS (~$138 USD) and 11 food packages. The alumni collected in total 7,250 ILS (~$2,001 USD), 21 food packages, and 30 chickens. After collecting the donations, the alumni purchased staple food items, such as canned food, chicken, rice and flour. They packaged the food and distributed it to more than 65 families in need around the West Bank.  

Tuleen Jarwan ‘17 said, “The spiritual happiness we felt seeing the smile of each family fed our souls like no other feeling.” 

Tuleen Jarwan (YES 2016-2017, West Bank, placed by FLAG in Kalamazoo, MI)