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The YES Alumni Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina is proud of the number of City and University Representatives they have each year, and the impact they make. City and University Representatives are a group of hard-working alumni who dedicate themselves to do one project a month for an entire year. This year they have seven City Representatives, who got together on October 24 for the annual City/University Representative Training in Sarajevo.

The goal of this training is to equip these young and sharp minds with the knowledge and skills needed to implement successful and impactful projects in their communities. This was one of a few in-person events organized this year due to COVID-19, and all measures and precautions, such as social distancing, masks and disinfectant spray, were taken to make sure everyone was safe. 

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As the organizer of the training, the Alumni Coordinator talked about the role of American Councils, and the function of the American Councils Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They also introduced the Representatives to financial reporting, since it is a crucial part of planning activities and being aware of their own responsibilities. The group went through various grant opportunities available to them and discussed specific ideas for activities and projects. Many City Representatives made plans and discussed projects they would like to do together, as well as provided advice and help to each other. At the end of the training, they worked on developing calendar activities for the entire 2020-2021 year. The City Representatives had a variety of ideas, covering topics such as English Teaching, Culture Sharing, Empowerment through Art, Youth Development and many more. The training was very productive and we are excited to see the great work of the hard-working team of City/University Representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina!