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Road Safety for Liberian Youth

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In Liberia, children, young adults and other vulnerable road users share transport space with motorized vehicles with very little safety precautions built into the urban planning. Kindergarten students often have to cross busy roads with no stop signs or traffic guards. As a result, school-going youth are increasingly susceptible to road traffic crashes. Observing the growing dangers, YES alumni in Liberia took action and brought much needed attention to the public health epidemic.

A group of YES alumni contacted the Liberian National Police and organized a road safety program for local schools in the area. YES alumni and Liberia National Police provided safety tips and training to kindergarten students and teachers. The workshop trained children to recognize and interpret visual and auditory road clues. Children also practiced crossing roads to enable pedestrian skills to develop.

Going forward, YES alumni hope to partner with the Liberian National Police to introduce caution signs around schools in order to effectively cut the volume of injuries and deaths caused by road traffic crashes.