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By Ayesha Zakir (YES 2013-2014, Pakistan, placed with Ayusa in Las Vegas, NV)

Since I became a YES Alumna, I have worked with high school students in Pakistan through various projects and workshops. I have implemented seminars, short workshops, and competitions. I feel passionate about educating high school students on accepting and embracing diversity, and making them realize the importance of the environment and its cleanliness. I have also tried to fulfill my responsibility towards improving society by helping students learn English. Moreover, I have attended various national and international conferences in Pakistan. I also participated in the Pak-Afghan Youth Dialogue a couple of years ago and earned the title of Pak-Aghan Youth Ambassador.

After completing my high school studies, I secured admission to one of the top universities in Pakistan, the National University of Science and Technology. I enrolled in the Bachelor's program of Industrial Design. The interesting part is that I knew nothing about this field four years ago, but I entered the program to explore what it has to offer.

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The courage of saying yes to the opportunity of learning new things came to me during my YES exchange year. As I moved ahead in my degree, I started enjoying it and this field became my own. I completed my degree this year and received the Chancellor's Silver Medal. Hence, this four-year study program, which started with exploration, ended with a great achievement. 

Right now, I am preparing for a competitive exam in order to enter the bureaucracy of Pakistan. I am looking forward to working on my own startup in the future, as well as serving in the education sector as I have always wanted to be a teacher; I feel an inner calling when it comes to being an educator.