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Opening Minds as a Cultural Ambassador

9 11 Piece

By Ramsha Waseem, YES 2014-2015, Pakistan

Today is September 9th. It has been one week since I started school.

9/11 was one of the worst things that happened in the history. It was not about nations; it was about humans. A day which left a crack in the relationship of Pakistan and America. I, as the Youth Ambassador of Pakistan, decided that today would be the day I gave my first presentation and tried to answer the questions which are in the minds of high school teenagers.

The day started with a video about 9/11. It was the first time I had actually seen what it was really like, and it made me cry. I wore a shirt with an American flag printed on it and New York written across the flag, signifying the importance I had in my heart for the incident. 

In my presentation I tried to cover as many topics as possible. Then I held a question and answer session in which I got a chance to answer and clarify many misunderstandings.

People asked me various questions, such as "is there a war going in Pakistan?" and "are you forced to wear a Hijab?"

I answered those questions, explaining that there was no war in Pakistan--it's a peaceful country--and that Hijab is my choice, not a punishment.

The response and feedback were great.

"You did a great job! Pakistan is so cool! I'd love to visit one day." - Kirsten 

"I am glad to know that not every girl in Pakistan is like Malala." - Sonya
"I am looking forward to more presentations by you! And can you please give me a henna tattoo one day?" - Megan

The teacher liked the presentation so much that she asked me to give a presentation in one of her World Studies classes.

The best part of my exchange up to now was the cultural night I had with my host family, when we dressed up in traditional Pakistani clothes, listened to Pakistani music and had a Pakistani feast for dinner.

I am glad that I could help people learn more about Pakistan. Thank you, YES, for giving me this opportunity.

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