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Shawarma and Smiles

Group of alumni and children

On June 20, four YES alumni in Jordan partnered with Human Doctors, an organization that provides medical services to those in need, to host a fun day during Adha Eid. They went to the Aljame’a Avenu Camp in Mafraq to spend the day with 55 refugee children.

An alumna painting the face of a young girl

They started the day with fun games, including fishing, imitation games, and limbo. The games filled the room with the children’s boisterous laughter. The alumni’s goal in implementing the event was to encourage the children to be active and engaged and give them a sense of fun and celebration for Adha Eid. They ended the day with shawarma and smiles. The event sparked feelings of joy for the children and taught the alumni about the living conditions in the refugee camp.

Farah Al-Kafaween ‘09 said, “During our YES experience, we experienced a new life and enjoyed our time with our peers, friends and host families. These refugee kids had to flee war and live in tents. We wanted to learn about their struggles so we can spread the word and show everyone that even the smallest things can make a difference.”

Farah Al-Kafaween (YES 2008-2009, Jordan, placed by Ayusa in Finley Kennewick, WA)