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Sitka Ak Radio Interview

Two YES students hosted by AFS in Sitka, Alaska, had an opportunity to present about the YES program on local radio station KCAW on February 16, 2017. Leena Abo Zbeada (YES 2016-2017, Gaza) and Ibrahim Nyiti (YES 2016-2017, Tanzania) spoke about the program's multi-step application process and their new experiences in Alaska with Morning Edition host, Melissa Marconi Wentzel.

Leena and Ibrahim also shared their reasons for applying to YES. In the words of Leena, “I lived all of my life in Gaza Strip, so I really wanted to get out of Gaza and see how the world works and how other people live. I also wanted to be open-minded to diversity and learn more about other people, and to share my culture and learn about other cultures in person.”

Since arriving in Alaska, both Leena and Ibrahim have been active in their communities and are feeling right at home in Sitka. Prior to coming to the U.S., Ibrahim's parents told him, "live with your [host] parents how you live with us." Ibrahim shared, "I forget that I am not from here sometimes. Like, wow, this is home!"

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