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Social media has a huge influence on our rapidly developing multimedia environment. As our fast moving and inter-connected multimedia society develops, so must our communication and media skill sets, especially in the world of activism and community service. This is particularly relevant for YES students and alumni who serve as changemakers and cultural ambassadors in both physical communities and multimedia environments.

To make sure YES alumni and students stay up to date on the newest advances and opportunities social media presents, the YES program hosted a Social Media for Social Good Webinar on Thursday, November 15th 2018. During the webinar we discussed how social media can be a powerful tool to help advance project planning, networking, implementation, and sharing impact of projects. The Social Media for Social Good Webinar gave YES alumni the tools to use social media to effectively promote and support their projects. Webinar participants learned how to creatively present their project/program evaluation statistics and impact stories on social media to promote their work, build momentum for their causes, and strengthen partnerships. Finally, the webinar pushed YES alumni to think how they can take their social media presence from awareness to action.

Excitingly, the Social Media for Social Good Webinar fell at the end of International Education Week - an initiative that encourages YES alumni and on-program students to share their culture and the benefits of international education and exchange. The Social Media for Social Good Webinar encouraged students and alumni to expand the goals of International Education Week to a larger international audience through social media.

Meet the Panelist

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Online and in real life, David Imani loves a great story – especially when it has a great purpose. At the Ad Council, he tells the stories of the nation’s largest social good campaigns through social media and public relations. Before that, he ran social media channels for Broadway shows and live experiences. And even before that, he studied Public Relations at Boston University. Throughout it all, he loves helping nonprofits and niche arts organizations find their story and tell it in a powerful way. He’s also always singing.

The Ad Council is the largest producer of public service advertisements. They create campaigns through different communication methods, such as social media, in order to increase awareness of public issues and have a measurable impact on society. The Ad Council produces service announcements sponsored by both non-profits and federal government agencies. Their campaigns are divided into four categories: education, family and community, health, and safety. Recently, the Ad Council has been involved in campaigns surrounding cyberbullying, childhood obesity, and energy efficiency. You may have heard of some of their more famous campaigns like Smokey Bear and promotions for the Peace Corps and USAID!