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South Africa Sending YES Students as New YES Partner

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Please welcome the first group of South African YES students to join the AFS-led consortium in the 2010-11 cycle! This coming August we look forward to having 6 students from South Africa come to the United States on the YES scholarship, funded by the US Department of State.

AFS Interculture South Africa has taken the lead in recruiting, selecting, and orienting these students. AFS in South Africa has utilized their strong volunteer base to focus recruitment in three main areas of the country: Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, each city sending 2 students in the final group of 6. AFS in South Africa focused to ensure inclusion of qualified young men and women to represent the diversity of South Africa.
For the 2010-11 cycle, South Africa saw a total of 47 applicants from Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban competing for 6 scholarship opportunities. All 47 took part in individual interviews and group activities in their respective communities. From this first group, 16 finalists moved on to the home interview stage, where AFS volunteers met with the applicant and family in their home for a personal interview. From this final group of 16 students (8 girls and 8 boys), 6 were selected to travel to the USA—3 girls and 3 boys. The final 6 students will be divided up among the AFS-led YES consortium of hosting organizations: ACES, AIFS, CIEE, and PAX; student applications will become available in the coming weeks.
Please join me in welcoming the first group of YES students from South Africa!