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Sports and Play for Children in Need

Macedonia  Youth  Service  Day

On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, YES ’10 alumni Simona Ristovska and Fisnik Jakupi and American Corner Tetovo volunteers brought American sports to the Daily Center for Children with Disabilities in Tetovo, Macedonia.

Organized by Ristovska with the support of American Corner Tetovo staff, the day included baseball, football, and frisbee. The volunteers taught the children at the Daily Center how to play these new sports.  “They couldn’t wait to start playing themselves, to wear the baseball hats and throw the ball,” Ristovska observed.  The sports equipment was donated by the citizens of Washington, Iowa, where Ristovska spent her exchange year in the U.S., and Washington High School where she attended school.  Ristovska’s placement organization, Worldlink, helped with the shipping.

Also donated by the Washington, IA community were a number of toys that were given to the Daily Center.