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Success in State Competition

Armian  Hanelli   Sub  District  Job  Interview  Ffa

My FFA chapter is the number one chapter in the nation.  We received this honor when we went to the FFA National Convention this year.  We do a lot of different activities in FFA and I enjoy them a lot.  

Recently, my FFA teacher, Mrs. Jolliff, told me about a job interview competition that the FFA students can do each year.  She said that the Sub District Job Interview competition would be on February 15th, and I started preparing for this interview.  I filled out a resume, an application, and I practiced how to do a follow-up letter.

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I picked a position to interview for, and my teacher told me to go do a practice interview with my school&#39;s principal.&nbsp; I went to his office and he acted like he was an employer and I the applicant for the position.&nbsp; He asked me a lot of questions. Some of them were very tricky, like "What is one of your weak points?" or "What salary do you expect in this job?"&nbsp; I really felt like I was applying for a real job!&nbsp; That interview with the principal helped me a lot. &nbsp;</p>

The day of the competition, I had a basketball game too.  The job interview was two hours before the basketball game, so I went to Kenton High School for my interview and introduced myself to my "employers."  They were very serious.  They asked me a lot of questions that my principal had asked me two days before.  I was prepared for those questions, so I gave better answers than I had to my school's principal.  I was competing against students with more experience than I.  Our teacher told us that the first three places would go on to the next step of the competition, which is the District Job Interview.  I finished my interview, and I went to the basketball game.  

The next day in my FFA class, Mrs. Jolliff announced the winners of the Sub District Job Interview.  I had won the first prize!!!  I was qualified to take part in the District Job Interview!  Again the day of the competition, I had both a basketball and a Quiz Bowl tournament.  I decided to miss the fame since the other two would be very beneficial to me.  Surprisingly to me, I won first place at the District Job Interview and went on to place 5th overall at the State Job Interview.

Armian H., YES Albania '11