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The Joy of Sharing during IEW!

Fatima Zohra Gives A Presentation

By: Fatimazohra Hajji (YES 2019-2020, Morocco, hosted by World Link in Hanford, CA)

Giving country presentations is one of my favorite things about YES!

Fatima Zohras Board Presentation

When giving a presentation, I always feel the joy of sharing my culture. I like to give presentations about Morocco, because I get the opportunity to make ‘the unknown’ known, break down stereotypes, and correct mistaken ideas. Whenever someone shows interest in Morocco, it makes me more excited to share my culture and the traditions I’ve known all my life. 

International Education Week is by far the event that I am the most enthusiastic about during my program year. It is a neat opportunity for YES students to represent our countries as youth ambassadors, and introduce our countries to people in our host communities who did know much about them before. There are only a few days left for IEW and I seriously I cannot wait, because the best is yet to come!

Fatima Zohra Next To Her Presentation