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YES 15th Anniversary: Connecting the World!

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The YES program kicked off a yearlong celebration on January 1st with the debut of a commemorative 15th anniversary YES logo (see below) and 15 days of fun, facts, and trivia.

The winning logo was created by current YES student Muhamad Cakra Dwi Putra from Indonesia (hosted by PAX in Missouri). Thank you to everyone who participated and voted in the logo contest, and great job, Muhamad! Add the special logo to your Facebook profile as an overlay.

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There is a new hashtag for this special event – #KLYES15 – in addition to YES’ usual hashtags (#YESAlumni and #KLYES). The hashtags will connect you with the rest of the celebrants! We hope that you will follow YES social media as we celebrate 15 years of program successes together.

What should I post?

  • If you are part of the YES alumni community: Post memories from your YES year and how your YES year changed your life. Share information about YES alumni activities that you have completed and plans for future YES alumni activities. Thank the people who made a difference in your YES year.
  • If you are a current YES student: Post your favorite moments with your host family and local coordinator, in your host community, and from your host school. Share your thoughts about how YES has impacted you thus far. Post about things that you are looking forward to during the remainder of your year!
  • If you are a host parent, local coordinator, or volunteer: Share stories about your YES student or cluster of students, send a shout out to your past or current students, or share why you became involved with the program. How has YES impacted your family?
  • If you are a natural parent: Share stories about your YES student, send a shout out to your son or daughter, share how the program positively impacted your son or daughter, or share why your family is still involved with the program.
  • If you are a representative from an organization that works with the YES program: Tell us why you enjoy working on the YES program and with YES students.
  • If you still aren’t sure how to contribute to the conversation: You can answer the question, “What does the YES program mean to you?” Post about how you are affected by the YES program and how the program has inspired you. Be creative!

Wondering how else you can participate in this fabulous anniversary year? Each month in 2018, the YES program has a theme or activity noted in calendar below. Please join us in celebrating each month!

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Who do I contact with questions? Please feel free to email [email protected].

Happy 15th anniversary and stay tuned for more exciting celebrations!


This month's prompt is about American holidays and traditions!

Go to to submit YOUR story about celebrating holidays in America.

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