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Together in Kindness

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By: Nada Alousta (YES 2016-2017, Libya, hosted by PAX in Brookville, IN)

In our world today kindness and generosity is what keeping us humans together. I believe when we are for each other, we are stronger. We YES alumni have thought of many ideas to help our communities, but in Libya the idea that stood out was the orphans. 

While I was in the United States, volunteering was a big part of the community. There are so many options, however the most important was giving to those in need. Whether it was giving out money, or simply joy. It is the same for us in Islam so I thought, "What is better than to celebrate Eid with those who don't have anyone to celebrate with? Give them a day of fun that they will remember for a long time." We decided it was the perfect idea to make their Eid this year just a little bit special. Even thought Eid was a little while ago, the event meant to them just the same.

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I talked to administration of the orphanage and they were so happy and immediately agreed. With the help of my fellow alumni, I made it happen. the event was on the 17th of July. We took the children to a closed amusement park where they had an arcade, a 4-D cinema, and lots and lots of other games. Water was available the whole time they were playing, and we also provided lunch and drinks. 

By the end of the day we were on a first-name basis and the kids asked us to visit them again. The smiles on their faces were worth it all. I was astounded to know that we as a team were able to bring joy to them. We all enjoyed the day very much.


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