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Two Lebanese YES Alumni Win Scholarships


Upon completing their YES year, two YES alumni, Rim Khayata and Jamal Rajeh, are set to continue their college education in the United States. With the academic guidance provided by EducationUSA's Competitive College Club and through the financial support awarded by the Diana Kamal Scholarship Search Fund (DKSSF), both YES alumni received admissions and scholarships to study at American universities. This achievement was not easily earned! Both alumni worked with EducationUSA, put in a great deal of effort into their college applications, studied countless hours a day, and participated in YES alumni activities.


Rim shares, “Summer 2019 was very challenging. From choosing the right major to exploring different universities, preparing for the SAT and TOEFL exams, writing essays and filling out applications, it was a challenging process. On top of that, I struggled with reverse culture shock after returning from my YES year in the United States.” Rim will attend the University of Miami in Florida to study architecture. On the other hand, Jamal will attend Berea College in Kentucky, where he will major in psychology and dance, with a minor in gender studies. 

Rim and Jamal have big plans for their futures. Rim hopes to work with NGOs to create safer housing with proper infrastructure for underprivileged families in Lebanon. As for Jamal, his plan is to continue his education with graduate studies in dance science. 

We are so proud of these two YES alumni as they continue to pursue their goals!

Rim Khayata (YES 2018-2019, Lebanon, placed with AFS in Kenai, AK)

Jamal Rajeh (YES 2018-2019, Lebanon, placed with PAX in Portland, OR)

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