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Visiting Elders in Dar Al-Kautar

Yes Alumni At Dar Kautar

On November 27, 14 YES alumni visited a retirement home called Dar Al-Kautar for a day of fun! The retirement home is in the town of Anabta, located in the Tulkarem Governate in the northern West Bank. YES alumna Tuleen Jarwan had the idea to visit the retirement home after conducting hearing tests for its residents earlier in September. Tuleen invited her fellow YES alumni on her second trip to visit the residents of Dar Al-Kautar. The goal for the day was to give the residents an opportunity to see some new faces and for the YES alumni to meet community elders.

The alumni started their day with a tour of Dar Al-Kautar. The residence manager explained to the YES alumni how they run the home and the living conditions for residents. Afterwards, the YES alumni and 20 residents formed groups for an icebreaker. For this activity, the YES alumni asked the residents about their personal preferences, such as, “What was your favorite childhood game?” The YES alumni enjoyed hearing the residents’ answers. Once they finished playing the icebreaker activity, two teams were formed for the next game: the YES alumni versus the residents. The two teams competed in a game where they had to guess the meaning of Palestinian words that are no longer frequently used in colloquial dialogue. In the end, the residents’ team won! 

During lunch, the YES alumni spent time in the retirement home’s garden and held an olive tasting competition, followed by a lively period of music, dancing, and balloon art to decorate the retirement home. When it was time to leave, the YES alumni hugged the residents goodbye and told them how much they had fun together.

Yes Alumni During Icebreaker