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Volunteering is Priceless

Layal Volunteering In The Backyard

By Layal Alshmassi (YES 2019-2020, Saudi Arabia, hosted by the STS Foundation in Nampa, ID) 

Some people think that the community service that we do is just filling up the hours that we need to, but to me it is more than that. Community service is based on the acts performed by someone with the purpose of helping or bringing benefits to his or her community.

Layal And Her Hsister

There is no better way to repay people except for being kind and helping the community around you. I wrote this reflection on Earth Day, and a couple of days ago, it was Global Youth Service Day. My host sister and I did some yard work around the neighborhood and at my host grandmother’s house. This project was not only meaningful, but it was also super fun; I enjoyed helping the community and making it a better place. I helped my community, and every time and the more I help my community I grow as a person and I grow to love it even more.

I have overall more than 130 community service hours. It is such an amazing feeling to have the honor to do a lot for your community. I would have never thought I would get past 100 hours of service during my exchange year, but I will make sure to still serve my community back home. As I move through life, I think I will always be involved in community service. Not just because I think it is important, but because it is something I enjoy. I love bringing joy and, through community service, I feel that I can accomplish this goal.

Yard Work Photo