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Warm Welcomes in Hawaii

Johnson And Family At Airport Aloha

By Johnson Harris (YES 2021-2022, Liberia, placed by American Councils in Molokai, HI)

Johnson In Hawaii
Johnson finds Hawaii to be magnificent.

After learning that I would be hosted in Hawaii, I thought a lot about what my host family would be like. When I arrived in Molokai on August 11, my host mom immediately hugged me and said, “Welcome home!” She had been waiting for me at the airport for four hours before I arrived. I will never forget getting such a warm welcome.

I love many aspects of Hawaii. I cherish my time on the beach with my host mom, surfing at sunset, warm hikes in the winter, beautiful ocean views, and all the other things that only an island can give you. I believe Hawaii has what money can’t buy.

I also really enjoy Fridays in Hawaii because of the “Aloha Casual” dress code. No one at my school wears a uniform, instead just wearing their Aloha dress and their “fancy” slippahs. 

With towering mountains covered in lush, emerald green flora, rugged cliffs, waterfalls, and pristine white sand beaches with sparkling turquoise waters, the views I find in Hawaii are more beautiful than the seven wonders of the world.

Johnson Candle Night Denner
Johnson and his host family enjoy their first dinner together.