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West Bank YES Alumni Commemorate GYSD 2013

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"Yes I believe I can change the world," said one YES Alumni from West Bank during a networking event. In celebration of YES 10th anniversary, 44 YES alumni from all across the West Bank came together to celebrate the program that embraced them by commemorating the Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) 2013. Lasting April 24th - April 26th, the 3-day celebration included different community service activities that targeted children with disabilities and children from marginalized communities. Alumni also participated in different capacity building workshops intended to develop their leadership skills. They had the opportunity to network with other YES alumni and share ideas about how they can further impact their community.

To start the commemoration of Global Youth Service Day, 25 alumni went to Jericho Municipality Community Center for disabled children in Jericho city on April 24. They organized games and activities such as face painting, dancing, drawing, and coloring games for these kids.

The following day was a training day that was titled "Be the Hero of Your Own Life Story." The activities focused on creating a sense of giving back to communities, building leadership skills, and team building. 

On the nights of the April 24 and April 25, networking activities were organized to foster connections between alumni of different age groups. Alumni participated in exercises that allowed people to open up about their thoughts, beliefs, and identities and to create a supportive community.

On April 26, YES alumni worked with Tomorrow's Youth Organization in Nablus to organize an event for 120 children from underprivileged and marginalized communities in Nablus. They created and led activities and games for these children. Also, the alumni went to the TYO facility to work on garden revitalization with TYO volunteers and MEPI Alumni.

The YES alumni were incredibly happy to celebrate Global Youth Service Day. They felt that this day supports their own values of community service and change for the better. 

See the beautiful video that highlights some of the amazing alumni, their GYSD activities and the impact they are having in West Bank.