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Women 2 Women International Leadership Conference

Nada  Gaber '06 And  Hadiya  Nasser '08 Attend The  W2 W  International  Leadership  Conference

Alumni Nada Gaber ‘08 and Hadiya Nasser ‘08 participated in the 2010 “Women 2 Women International Leadership Conference,” which took place in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Around 120 girls from around the globe gathered for the weeklong event to discuss issues related to women’s status and leadership opportunities. Conference participants had the chance to meet students from different nationalities, backgrounds, cultures, and ages. It was a great opportunity for networking, while learning more about women’s issues, building bridges of understanding among cultures, and applying leadership skills. The purpose of the conference was to empower young women to be successful in the future. The core theme of the conference was how to “claim your seat at the table.”

The alumni attended several lectures and workshops that focused on themes related to leadership, empowerment, community service, women in government, human rights, and etc. They also had the opportunity to participate in a community service activity where they helped plant, pick, wash, and pack fruits and vegetables for the needy.  They also experienced college life in the U.S. by staying on Lesley University’s campus, and touring Harvard square. In addition, they attended workshops on the art of negotiation at Harvard Law School.









In other news, alumni also visited young hospital patients during the Eid celebration after the holy month of Ramadan.  They brought along many gifts, and organized several different activities for the children during this special event.