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Women's Day in South Africa

Rsa Women Empowerment Webinar Zoom

YES alumni in the Western Cape region hosted an online event in celebration of South Africa’s national women’s day holiday. The event, which focused on women’s empowerment, began with icebreakers and a trivia game. Once participants became more familiar with each other, the event turned to discussions around three themes: how one’s relationship with food affects one's relationship with oneself, what it means to be a feminist, and how women can uplift other women. 

Rsa Webinar Women Lewis And Clark

The overall atmosphere of the event was conversational and intimate. This allowed Western Cape volunteers and alumni the opportunity to build relationships and connect with one another. The virtual program was organized by Michaelyn Cornelius (YES 2016-2017, South Africa, placed by CCI in Gilbert, IA), Emma Dodgen (YES 2015-2016, South Africa, placed by PAX in Flagstaff, AZ), Monique Jafta (YES 2013-2014, South Africa, placed by AFS-USA in Kendallville, IN), Mishka Sarels (YES 2013-2014, South Africa, placed by AFS-USA in Concord, NC), and Carmen Kelly (YES 2017-2018, South Africa, placed by World Link in Hanford, CA).