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YES Alumni Ramadan Trivia Night

Ramadan Trivia Group Photo

In order to celebrate Ramadan while everyone is stuck at home, Mohammed Fitiani organized a virtual Ramadan trivia night for YES alumni after Iftar (breaking the fast). Trivia games, riddle shows, and contests are popular Ramadan traditions that are usually organized after Iftars. But since in-person activities are still prohibited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mohammed decided to hold a virtual trivia night through Zoom. On May 8, 19 YES alumni from the West Bank participated in the virtual trivia night.

Once the alumni joined the meeting, Mohammed explained the rules and the scoring method for trivia night. The entire game included nine different rounds, each consisting of eight questions. The first round was mainly about animals - a picture of a rare animal would show on the screen and the alumni had ten seconds to answer what it was. Then we moved to other categories like celebrities, flags, cartoons, even guessing different languages by hearing 5-second recordings. As the categories started to change, the competitive side of our alumni started to come out! 

After a very heated competition, the game came to an end, the points were tallied and Sawsan Bassalat was the winner! This fun trivia night was much needed to help take the alumni out of their daily routine in quarantine and refresh their minds with an educational distraction. The trivia night also proved that despite the pandemic, the YES alumni can still have fun and celebrate Ramadan!

Mohammad Fitiani (YES 2012-2013, West Bank, hosted by ASSE in Ellsworth, WI)

Sawsan Bassalat (YES 2012–2013, West Bank, hosted by AFS in Scottsdale, AZ)


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