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Eight Ways Alumni Gave Back During Ramadan

Pakistan A group of young boys standing together and smiling with a woman in the center who is wearing a purple niqab and is interacting with them Behind them golden balloon letters spell RAMADAN KAREEM

This year's Ramadan inspired an extraordinary wave of 31 alumni projects, benefitting 5,881 community members across 21 cities in 10 YES countries.

Here are some of the most notable events:

1. In Pakistan, 39 alumni and 19 non-alumni volunteers held 12 Ramadan events across seven cities. The events were held at orphanages to spread cheer and engage 1,595 children in activities, including storytelling, games, arts and crafts, and health and hygiene sessions. Each visit concluded with sharing an iftar meal. (Photo above)

2. In Tunisia, three Ramadan events were organized on the island of Djerba, where six alumni served iftar dinners prepared by women-owned businesses to 80 ferry workers and unhoused individuals and distributed baskets of food and other essentials to 20 low-income families. They also hosted a movie night for 81 youth.

Lebanon Three young women wearing aprons and head coverings are working together in a kitchen preparing food One is rolling dough another is shaping it and the third is focused on her task They are

3. In Dakar, Senegal, 21 alumni initiated the Ramadan Love Drive, a fundraiser to purchase food for vulnerable families and distribute iftar meals. Alumni raised over 1,000 USD, which was used to provide food packages to eight families and serve over 200 iftar meals in the Medina Gounass neighborhood.

4. In Saida, Lebanon, 11 alumni and 15 non-alumni volunteers cooked and packaged food at Maan Kitchen, and then distributed the food to 85 people. (Photo left)

5. In Kano, Nigeria, four alumni and 30 volunteers, organized four iftar dinners at diverse venues such as an open-air market, a hospital, and an orphanage. These events collectively fed over 200 underprivileged individuals.

6. In Bamako and Samayana, Mali, 12 alumni organized food distribution events and community iftars every weekend as part of the 9th annual Operation Ramadan. Alumni partnered with eight associations to give iftar dinners to over 500 people each weekend and donate food packages to 200 families and children at schools for the blind.

Saudi Arabia Three alumni standing next to a table with balloons and toys 1

7. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, three alumni organized an event for 14 hospitalized children at the King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital on March 22. The alumni engaged the children in games, painting, and drawing. (Photo right)

8. In West Bank, five alumni organized a fundraiser and food drive to help families in need. They collected donations from local businesses and individuals in Hebron, collecting 275 USD as well as essential household supplies and clothing. They collaborated with the community organization Sawa’id Al Khair, which translates to Hands of Goodness, to identify and provide the proceeds to five local families.