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YES Diabetes Awareness Campaign in Gaza

Marah And Khaled
Abdalla At The Booth

Many people do not know that November is the “Blue Month” to raise awareness on diabetes. On November 21 and 23, the YES alumni in Gaza collaborated with a local medical students association called the Palestinian Medical Forum to organized a Diabetes Awareness Campaign. Through this initiative, the YES alumni taught more than 500 people about diabetes in two cities, Khanyounis and Gaza City.

Khaled At The Booth Gaza

Marah Almallak, Abdallah Mohanna, and Khaled Zaqout held booths at the Meat City Supermarket, Capital Mall, and Makka Mall, where they distributed brochures about diabetes. The YES alumni talked to clients about diabetes, its types, predisposing factors that lead to diabetes, symptoms, and preventative care. In addition, the YES alumni provided free random blood sugar tests for the people there. Thanks to this campaign, the YES alumni shared wellness tips with their community, and promoted preventative care against diabetes. 

Marah Almallak (YES 2014 – 2015, Gaza, hosted by CIEE in Kansas City, MO)

Abdallah Mohanna (YES 2015 – 2016, Gaza, hosted by PAX in Constantine, MI)

Khaled Zaqout (YES 2017 – 2018, Gaza, hosted by YFU in Eden Prairie, MN)

Marah At The Booth