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Zanzibari Youths Learn about Low Space Gardening

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Low space gardening is a farming technique that allows people to grow a variety of crops in small spaces like containers and raised beds. Though this farming method is mostly common among apartment dwellers and urbanites, in recent years, its high crop yield and the flexibility it affords the gardeners has led to an increased in popularity in rural areas as well. Recently, Amne Soud (YES 2014-2015, Tanzania, placed with AYUSA in Mesa, AZ) organized a workshop in Zanzibar to educate youths in her community on small space gardening.  

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After conducting some research and surveying community members, Amne realized that many youths in her community didn’t know much about low space gardening and that those who were familiar with the farming method lacked the knowledge to do it properly. During her workshop, Amne talked about the benefits of small space gardening not just as a way to grow a variety of crops near one's home and across seasons, but also as a healthy and fun hobby that can help youth stay busy and out of trouble. Amne also described how container gardening allows gardeners to control the soil, sun, and growing conditions of their plants which, if done properly, can increase crop yields.

This project was essential to the community because it provided an understanding of food production and the impacts of the use of low or non-chemical fertilizers. If successful, low space gardening can be a source of revenue in the event that the gardener decides to sell some of the crops. At a minimum, the gardener would be able to grow a good portion of his or her own vegetables, fruits, and herbs, therefore reducing his or her cost of living.