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Alumni from Cameroon Appreciate Their YES Exchange Year

Yes Apreciation Card Njounkeng Cameroon

In honor of YES Appreciation Day on October 15, YES alumni from Cameroon have written to express their thanks for their YES exchange year. #thankyouYES

Yes Apreciation Card Tadjon Cameroon

Collins Tadjon (YES 2017-2019, Cameroon, placed with with CIEE in Rosemount, MN)

"My name is Collins Tadjon. I come from Cameroon in West Africa. I live in Santa, a small town in Bamenda, Cameroon. I am deaf. I am an alumnus in Bamenda. My responsibility is to teach hearing people sign language to easy accessibility with with deaf community. Thank you, YES." 

Yes Apreciation Card Abangwaoh Cameroon

Marilyn Akawung Abangwaoh (YES 2017-2018, Cameroon, placed with YFU in Clyde, MI)

“May 20, 2018, 6:56 PM, Yale, Michigan. The day my wildest dream came to life. The day I always dreamed of, the day I never knew would be possible, the day I graduated in the U.S. On that day, I had just 16 more days until I had to return home; 9 months and some weeks had gone by, but in those 9 months before that fateful day, I saw the world, I learned new cultures, heard different languages, met different kinds of people, shared my culture, and became independent. But most of all, I learned something new called volunteerism, the one word that changed my life. In 10 months, I had a second home, a second family, new friends, and an opportunity of a lifetime. When I wore my graduation robe on that faithful day, and took this picture with my friends, all what I had learned just came rushing back to my mind. They all now remain memories, which I will forever cherish. I decided on that day to be a change-maker in my community. This was all possible because of the YES program.”

Ngoche Apprecation Card Yes

Marvette Ngoche (YES 2017-2018, Cameroon, placed with AFS-USA in Clintonville, WI)

"You never know how great something is until you explore it. I never knew how great this journey was until this day I walked down this aisle all dressed in my beautiful graduation suit, holding this precious diploma with my name all printed in bold. All I have ever felt since then is how successful I am. All thanks to the YES program!"

Yes Apreciation Card Njounkeng Cameroon

Daize Merville Njounkeng (YES 2017-2018, Cameroon, placed with PAX in Zanesville, IN)

"Volunteerism and fundraising were words that changed my life completely on and after the program. While on program, the exchange students and I did several fundraisers to get a prosthetic eye for a visually impaired friend. Together, we were able to achieve so much. Thank you YES for teaching me one of life's biggest secrets. Through volunteerism, I have made the best relationships, found life-changing opportunities, and harnessed the greatest joy in life. I said YES to volunteerism. A billion thanks to the YES Program!"