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An International Education Week Throwback from Suriname

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By Esha Dohme (YES 2019-20, Suriname, hosted by PAX in Fort Wayne, Indiana)

During International Education Week, I made 3 presentations about my home country, Suriname. I did my presentations in my Spanish, history and dance class. I gave a presentation about the different culture's, food, nature, holidays and traditions. My classmates and my teachers were amazed about the information they were given.

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I enjoyed teaching them about my home country. I taught them about all the different cultures and religions we have there. The meaning of our flag and holidays. Told them the story about the history of my country. My audience asked many questions and I enjoyed answering all of their questions. I was asked a lot of questions about my school back home, about our different cultures, and our nature. They also asked if life was better here in America economically or back home. This was a great opportunity to share information about Suriname and I am glad I made the most of IEW!


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