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Bangladeshi YES alumnus on Forbes 30 Under 30


YES alumnus Sunny Sanwar (YES 2005-2006, Bangladesh, hosted by Nacel Open Door in Kansas City, MO) was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 - Energy 2019! Sunny founded an enterprise software-as-a-service solution called Dynamhex, which helps U.S. cities plan their emission target goals under different climate treaties and targets to help reduce emissions and reduce energy consumption. Next month, Sunny is presenting this concept to the D.C. administrators in Washington as part of GigabitDCx. Before his work with Dynamhex, he created a technology called a Verd2GO pack (pronounced "Vertigo") which charges from renewable energy and discharges to devices, cars and homes when needed.

Sunny is a mechanical engineer by training, but took an interest in economics. He holds a masters degree in public policy and a PhD in entrepreneurship and innovation. Currently, he works in energy systems - applying both his technical knowledge of devices and systems, and understanding of markets and organizations.

Sunny says, “Being named on this year's under 30 list by Forbes was very humbling - especially when you see who else is on it, both this year, and years past. At the same time, it affords me a platform to learn from these amazing individuals sparking societal change around the world as I look to do my part.”

“In all of my life's milestones, the role played by the YES program is extraordinary. I remember all the trips we took throughout my year in the U.S., going to the U.S. Senate during session in D.C., and meeting congressmen, to being able to understand and empathize with other exchange students, and world citizens. My experience emboldened me to take on large scale challenges, mostly because during my time, we were instilled with the duty to spark change and shown, on multiple occasions, what we may achieve when we truly collaborate. This sense of mission, accompanied with support from a strong alumni group is what I fondly remember and take away from my time as a YES exchange scholar almost 14 years ago.”

Congratulations, Sunny, on this well deserved honor!