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Beqaa Heritage Day

Grid of four photos of youth interacting with vendors

By: Moustapha El Haj (YES 2020-2021, Lebanon, placed virtually by Greenheart)

On December 10, Lebanese YES alumni organized the Beqaa Heritage Day, an event to highlight the ancient customs and stories of the Beqaa valley. The event was organized in collaboration with JCI Beqaa, a network of local young leaders, and featured artisans and craftspeople selling their wares and celebrating the local culture and tradition.

Three artisans at a table with wares

The event aimed to preserve and promote the unique heritage of the Beqaa region by fostering connections between experienced craftspeople and enthusiastic youth. Beqaa is renowned for its archaeological sites, such as the Temples of Baalbek, and its rich agricultural tradition. Attendees participated in workshops led by local artisans to witness firsthand the craftsmanship which has been passed down through generations.

A central focus of the event was raising awareness and preserving Beqaa’s cultural heritage. The alumni facilitated discussions and presentations which shed light on the crafts' historical significance and their role in shaping the region's identity. They also sought to inspire a new generation to carry these traditions forward.

One of the highlights of the Beqaa Heritage Day was the launch of a program to provide internships for youth with artisans. This initiative aims to bridge the generational gap, and ensure that knowledge, skills, and cultural legacy are preserved.

Beqaa Heritage Day successfully blended education, entertainment, and community engagement through a celebration of Beqaa’s rich cultural tapestry. The event left a mark on the memory of all who attended, ensuring that Beqaa’s cultural heritage will thrive for generations to come.