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Spreading Awareness of COVID-19 in Nigeria


Many alumni have been finding new and innovative ways to use technology to spread information regarding the coronavirus. Alumni in Nigeria decided to take a different approach, putting boots on the ground in Nigeria in order to spread awareness about the virus.

This project, called the “Sensitization Campaign on Coronavirus,” targeted roadside traders and vendors due to the inadequate spacing between traders and customers, among other concerns that could lead to spread of the virus. 

Alumni in the medical field educated themselves on current information regarding COVID-19 in order to properly prepare for this project. The group convened at a Government Reserve Area in order to make signs with their research findings from the Nigeria Centre of Disease Control and the World Health Organization. Once the educational signs were ready, the group went to the open market located at the Dukku Car Park, where the project took place.


The alumni met with the vendors, checking in with each trader to inform them about ways they can prevent spreading or contracting the virus, along with providing the traders with over 60 face masks. The alumni advised people to wash their hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, avoid close contact with others, and wear face masks at all times while in their place of business. Along with examples and presentations about what to do in order to avoid the virus, the alumni also provided a “do not” list to inform traders on common mistakes that can lead to the spread of the virus. The alumni completed all of this while also practicing social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing their hands regularly. 

The group hopes this project informed their audience of the importance of personal hygiene, different measures to limit contracting the virus, and where to seek reliable information about the virus.

Due to the success thus far, and tremendous need for this project, the group is looking at continuing this campaign in order to reach more traders in Gombe State. The alumni believe this is a critical project through which they hope to develop partnerships with local organizations and state officials in order to fund future sensitization campaigns.