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Nazmie And Elitsa Righht Before The 5K Charity Run 1

By: Elitsa Stoyeva, YES 2016-2017, Bulgaria, hosted by ASSE in San Antonio, Texas   

Have you ever been in a situation where you know you can’t keep going but your gut is telling you to not give up because you’re doing something good and you must cross the finish line?

If you have not, well it’s going to happen one day. And if you have, then Elitsa Stoeva and Nazmie Mustafa (YES 2015-2016, Bulgaria, hosted by YFU in Whitehall, Michigan) can completely relate to you…

On May 11 the alumni took part in a charity half marathon which aims to raise money for a children’s organization in Bulgaria.

Elitsa and Naz wanted to contribute to the charity project, organized by Southwestern Advantage – the core company of the Southwestern Family of Companies.  It’s in this program that students are trained in life skills such as independence, confidence, self-motivation and goal-setting.  They run their own business selling an integrated learning system to families throughout North America. For over 140 years, college and university students from all over the world have participated in the Southwestern Advantage summer sales and leadership program.

The money raised from the event was donated to the foundation 'For Our Children' that helps children from families with low incomes to have equal opportunities for a better future.

We bonded, got fitter and most importantly helped a great cause while having fun and expanding the YES Program Network in Bulgaria.

Nazmie And Elitsa At The Start Line
Nazmie and Elitsa at the start line


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