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By: Yasmeen Fadila (YES 2015 –2016, Israel, hosted by PAX in Berkeley Springs, WV)

My name is Yasmeen and I am from Tira, Israel Arab Communities. In my town, there is an event organized by college students called TIRA TALKS which is similar to TED TALKS. The event is in its third year, and I was invited to speak about my experiences and initiatives for the past year. I am honored and grateful to be their youngest speaker and be recognized for my recent achievements. 

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In my speech, I implored people to find within themselves the initiative to create and take part in community activities. I believe that being an active and good community member is what defines us as citizens of the world. I discussed in further detail why I think being an active member in our community helps keep it alive. I referenced my personal experiencing volunteering and organizing the Raising Awareness and Donations for Refugees event on March 10, 2017 and my involvement on the YES Alumni Council. I am also the youngest volunteer with the organization, Seeds of Humanity. Through this organization, volunteers work with refugees in Europe and Jordan every two to three months as well as with special needs individuals and fundraising.   

My community involvement within the past year has motivated my peers to become actively involved in our community, too. I've even been asked by some high school students to be an advisor to their volunteer group. So far we have accumulated nearly 20 hours of volunteer service within the past six weeks!

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