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February YES Student of the Month

Dinda smiling at the camera in a portrait with a blue hijab

The YES program is proud to announce Adinda Anni’mah of Indonesia as the YES Student of the Month.

Adinda is placed in Hicksville, Ohio by YFU, where she attends Hicksville High School. Adinda Anni’mah, from Indonesia, affectionately known as “Dinda,” has not only demonstrated academic excellence but has also made profound contributions to her community through volunteer work, leadership roles, and cultural representation.

Dinda's academic achievements are nothing short of remarkable, and are a testament to her diligence, perseverance, and passion for learning. One of Dinda's most notable accomplishments is being selected as Student of the Quarter, an honor she earned through her outstanding contributions both in and out of the classroom. This recognition, for which she was nominated by her U.S. Government teacher, Dave Blue, underscores her exceptional qualities as a student leader.

Beyond the classroom, Dinda has dedicated hours to volunteer work, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact in her community. At St John Lutheran Church she volunteers on various activities such as the free meal ministry and handing out weekly flyers. At school Dinda works at the concession stand and serves as a student council member. Dinda's leadership extends to her role as the editor of the school news station, where she continually works to improve her leadership, organizational, and communication skills. Dinda also auditioned and performed in the school play, Les Misérables, and the archery team as a way to explore new interests and meet new people. Dinda has used extracurriculars to push herself to try new things and continually say “YES” to new possibilities.

Dinda in a classroom with younger students after a presentation

In addition to her academic and leadership roles, Dinda has shown an impressive dedication to cultural representation. Through engaging presentations to high school and elementary classes, as well as her host family, she has effectively shared the richness of her home country. Her efforts have contributed to building cultural understanding and appreciation within the school community. Dinda's positive and thoughtful spirit is evident not only in her academic achievements but also in her interactions with her host family and the broader community. Her adaptability, warmth, and willingness to engage with others have undoubtedly left a lasting positive impression of Indonesia, the YES program, and Dinda herself.

Adinda is a standout student whose contributions have enriched the Hicksville High School community and exemplify the spirit of the YES program. Congratulations on being the YES February Student of the Month, Adinda!