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Happy Ramadan from Tunisia!

Tunisian Food In Ramadan

The YESAlumni in Tunisian wish you a happy Ramadan starting this week! 

They explain: 

"Ramadan is a holy month in Tunisia. Most of Tunisians fast during this month but it's not the fasting that makes it so special, it's the spirit. During the day, people do their work and take their naps, but at night things change. When the sun sets, people break their fast, we usually start with a sip of water, 1 or 3 dates and say "Saha Chribtek" to each other which is a Tunisian phrase that means "May it be for your health" then people continue their meal.

Ramadan in Tunisia is the month of never ending food, everything that we desire is there on the table, from couscous, Shorba (Soup) , dates, and Ojja, to lasagna, pizza and cordon bleu. 

Tunisia Treats

Almost every family starts baking the traditional Tunisian sweets to celebrate the month of fasting and to prepare them for the Eid. It is a fun activity because most families, extended and nuclear, meet in one big house and they start baking together and they start preparing the traditional Tunisian sweets, like Yoyo (like a mini donut)and Samsa (the distant cousin of Baclawa, a triangle shaped sweet filled with nuts/almond and honey). The sweets differ by regions due to the cultural diversity of Tunisia.

After dinner, some people head to the mosques to perform the night prayers "Tarawih" and some others either head to the beach if it's summer or just go to a coffee shop to hang out with friends and enjoy a coffee or a cup of tea. We also have family gatherings after Iftar full of laughter and delicious Tunisian Sweets. 

And that's what makes this month special, the happy moments we spend with our friends and family either on the dinner table, the kitchen or anywhere around."


Happy 15th Anniversary!

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