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#HostForAmerica Spotlight Video: Hiba from Morocco

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an exchange student in your community? Watch our newest alumni spotlight video featuring Hiba Ouzaouit from Morocco (YES 2017 - 2018, hosted by World Link in Grimes, IA) to find out!

Hiba was placed with the McDonald family in Iowa and attended the Dallas Center-Grimes Community High School. While on program, Hiba joined the school’s marching band, helped out at the school library and also participated in community service activities such as raising funds for the Iowa Homeless Youth Center. She created strong bonds with her host family and formed friendships that are still going strong today. Upon returning home, Hiba actively participated in projects to benefit her community such as a library project to promote literacy and volunteering at a medical camp to help people in a rural area. 

In this spotlight video, Dallas Center-Grimes Community High School's principal, Hiba’s Spanish teacher, and Hiba's host mom talk about how Hiba made a difference in their lives and the benefits of having an exchange student in Dallas Center-Grimes Community High School and the wider Grimes community.