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It’s YES Application Season!

An alum presenting at the front of a classroom of boys

It’s YES application season in Jordan! To promote the YES program, three YES alumni, along with YES and Access program staff, conducted several info sessions for English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) classes and the public. Rihab AlBawab ‘15, Rasha Nabulsi ‘16, and Ahmad Kloub ‘19 hosted seven info sessions across the governates of Salt, Adassieyah, and Amman, as well as in Azraq, Karak, and Zarqa. They also hosted a public online info session to explain the YES program, its goals, the application process, and to answer questions from prospective applicants.

The alumni’s perspective was valuable for the prospective students. The alumni shared their experiences during their YES year. Ahmad, as an Access alum himself, was an inspiration for the Access students to dream big! Ahmad said, “As a YES and Access alum, I feel that it’s my responsibility to tell our community about what we gained from these great programs. It’s my way of saying thank you to the program.”

Rihab added, “Having an alum involved in the info sessions is essential as it helps makes the experience much more real, through sharing experiences, addressing concerns, and managing student expectations. Alumni who have successfully completed their year can provide valuable insights that students can relate to.”

The alumni are proof of the YES program's impact, and their stories are an inspiration to all prospective YES applicants!

Rihab AlBawab (YES 2014-2015, Jordan, placed by Ayusa in Phoenix, AZ)

Rasha Nabulsi (YES 2015-2016, Jordan, placed by PAX in Olympia, WA)

Ahmad Khloub (YES 2018-2019, Jordan, placed by PAX in Portland, IN)