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Learning about Attachment Styles

Zoom screenshot with Arabic text and Tahreer in the top right corner

On September 22, Heba Alsaidi ‘14 organized a virtual training about attachment styles. The session was led by Tahreer Alzaeem, an English Access Microscholarship Program alum and a graduate student of clinical psychology at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. 35 people attended, three of whom were YES alumni and six of whom were Access alumni.

The interactive training covered both the theoretical and practical aspects of attachment styles. Tahreer explained the definition of attachment styles, the distinct types of styles, and how these types can be identified. Then, to help attendees connect with the practical side of attachment styles, Tahreer prompted them to discuss case studies, and gave them the opportunity to discuss situations they have experienced themselves or witnessed in others.

This training was part of a series of workshops and sessions organized by Gazan YES alumni to reduce stigma around mental health in the Middle East. The alumni are eager to connect with other youth on this issue!

Heba Al-Saidi (YES 2013-2014, Gaza, placed by CIEE in Lake Stevens, WA)