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Local Perspective Offers Global View

Kreshnik  Deliu Photo

As an exchange student from Kosovo living in northern Wisconsin, it has already been a very interesting experience.  More than just going to school and living the American way - thanks to my host father, John Smart - I actually had the change to get to learn more about the government and politics here.

Kosovo, as the youngest country in the world, faces quite a lot of challenges.  However, having education you and experience from U.S. politics and democracy will surely be very helpful!  Urged by my feeling of duty toward my community, I have been interested in politics since I can remember.  Luckily, the chance was given to me here to get involved and learn a lot more about how a true democracy works.  One of my best memories is meeting Congressman Dave Obey, who served for 42 years in the U.S. house of Representatives.  I actually had the chance to talk with him and was really impressed and learned a lot just by spending some time with him.  Besides that, I have been involved in learning about the different ways of campaigning here in the U.S. As a young citizen of Kosovo, I believe that learning from the democracy here in the United States makes a very important contribution to our stable democratic future.  I have been keeping notes.

But the special experiences here haven't been only about U.S. politics.  More than that, being in Wisconsin has given me the chance to get a global perspective.  Wisconsin ranks as one of the most active states regarding support for the United Nations, and it is the only state in the whole nation that has the Governors Commission on the UN.  October 24th was the 65th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter, and that day I attended an event sponsored by the UN association, an interesting and different opportunity where I listened to different speeches and learned more about how the UN functions.

All these different experiences have happened in only two months of my being here.  Judging from that point of view, with months left to go, this will hopefully be a life of good experiences.  All of this, thanks to the YES program and my welcoming host family and community.

Kreshnik D., YES Kosovo '11