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Celebrating GYSD and Earth Day in Pakistan

A group of school children smiling in front of a sign that says "Earth Day Project

Global Youth Service Day was widely celebrated in Pakistan with a total of 24 projects committed to directly serving the needs of various communities. The YES alumni carried out academic seminars and projects, including a YES alumni medical camp, science camp, and civic education and responsibility project which was a great opportunity for the alumni to share knowledge they learned as students on the YES program. The GYSD projects reached out to underserved communities and addressed problems while discussing solutions in a community-driven manner. Overall, the month of April was an active one for YES alumni Pakistan as they celebrated Global Youth Service Day 2018 on a massive scale.

A young boy planting a tree in the ground

As GYSD ended on Earth Day, YES Alumni Pakistan organized and executed a day-long project at a school in celebration of Earth Day. The Earth Day projects were carried out in Gilgit, Karachi, Mardan, Peshawar and Rawalpindi. The Earth Day activities included short lectures about the importance of Earth Day, the planting of trees, and a logo design workshop in which youth wrote messages about Earth Day with the official Earth Day logo on a poster that was later hung up on the entrance wall of the school. The activities were widely appreciated and the students and school administration understood the importance of climate change and its impact. The students also expressed that they will continue to plant more trees in their community to help save the Earth. 

Nearly 400 students participated in the Earth Day projects.

A student planting a tree in the ground, two other children are holding a watering can