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Student Ambassador from Mozambique Learns Value of Volunteerism

Lealda  Moznh11 And Hostmom Welcome Sign Small

This is Lealda from Mozambique writing to you!  I have arrived safely and The United States Department of State is pleased to welcome me. My new family loves me, people are very friendly and I have made friends in the community and school. My host family met me at Moline airport and it was so amazing.

I like my new school and so far math, biology, U.S History, Law, Chorus, English and agriculture are my favorite subjects. During my first week herein the U.S., I shared some things about Mozambique, including the flag.  My host family then ordered  four  flags  on the  internet  and  I took one flag to offer to Alwood High School as a gift.  After I gave my presentation at school, the Director asked me if I could give another one the next week.  I hadn’t realized that my name had been in the newspaper saying I had arrived in my host community and referred to me as a student ambassador to Mozambique. This made me feel very proud of my country and I was so excited to hear that my friends at school wanted to travel to Mozambique because of my presentations.  But the most amazing thing of all was when President Obama came to visit farmers in Alpha, IL and I got to shake his hand!

During my stay so far, I have participated In three debates and four times participated in community service work. One volunteer work I do is in Devenport helping provide food to the homeless.&nbsp; I also sold food&nbsp; and did some cooking for the first football game!&nbsp; But my most important experience was at Devenport where I served food to the homeless and then spent four hours with them,&nbsp; helping&nbsp; when they needed my assistance.&nbsp; I was there like a big sister and a leader. This experience made me realize that I can make a difference back home too and I found out more about how I can became a part of youth work in my community.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p>

I really appreciate everything my friends and my family back home did for me to be here. I realised that these people are part of my life.  I also want to take this perfect chance to say thank you so much  to Mr Sales, all YES Program volunteers and all teachers and Access students, you are so special. Thanks for being with me and helping me throughout the year. It was very emotional and meant a lot to me.