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Taking on the #TrashTag Challenge

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The YES alumni network in the West Bank accepted the #TrashTag challenge started by Byron Roman in Arizona this past March. The challenge has gone viral on social media in the past two months and inspired a great number of people around the world to go out and clean up streets, parks, forests, and beaches. Afterwards, participants post pictures on social media to encourage others to follow suit. The YES alumni network in the West Bank accepted the challenge and chose “Ard Kan’aan” as the location for their clean up service-day.

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Ard Kan’aan is a small land that attracts many families and visitors during the spring season because it is considered a great place to have barbecues and picnics. Although the location is privately owned, the owner has never charged people an entry fee and doesn’t mind people coming for a fun afternoon or a late bonfire. Unfortunately, some people litter on the grounds and leave behind trash without cleaning up after they finish. 

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After more than two hours of hard work, YES alumni volunteers managed to fill up 38 large trash bags with litter that was previously scattered all over Ard Kan’aan. The alumni left the collected trash near the entrance to raise awareness for future visitors that it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves before leaving the grounds. The YES alumni encourage and challenge everyone to accept the #TrashTag challenge!

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