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The Magic of Music

Reem And Two Women In An Auditorium

By Reem AlHassan (YES 2021-2022, Saudi Arabia, placed by STS Foundation in Cypress, TX) 

Being an exchange student can be really challenging, especially when you’re thrown into a new environment with unfamiliar faces. One of the new experiences I had was trying new classes. After looking at the options, I decided to take a leap and join a choir class. 

Reem And A Teenage Girl Both Wearing Black Clothes

Since English isn’t my first language, I honestly didn’t know anything about choir other than that it is related to music. I said yes to the opportunity because I will never hesitate to try new things! As I walked through the fine arts hallway to find my class on the first day, my ears were thrilled to hear the sounds of music and theater. I found my choir class and was shocked to realize that it was actually a singing class! 

As I had never before sung in front of a group, I was nervous and apprehensive. However, I pushed myself to participate and get out of my comfort zone. I discovered that choir was more than just learning to sing harmoniously with others. It was a journey of breaking out of my shell and finding my voice in a foreign place. 

I also met one of my best friends, another exchange student from Germany. We shared a lot of heartwarming moments in class and discovered American culture through music. Trying a new class in a foreign country is one of my most memorable moments. I am grateful for all the opportunities I had!