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YES Alumni Bring Joy to Hospitalized Children

Three alumni standing next to a table with balloons and toys

In the spirit of Ramadan, Saudi YES alumni partnered with the social services department at King Abdullah Specialized Children Hospital in Riyadh to organize an event for hospitalized children. Hadeel Alsunusi ‘16 spearheaded the initiative, with Dhoha Bediwi ‘18 and Alanood Albawardi ‘18 lending their support to make it a success.

The event took place on Friday, March 22, 2024. Alumni volunteers engaged the children in a variety of activities, including games, painting, and drawing. The aim was to bring joy and entertainment to the patients.

YES alumna holding a red balloon

The event was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from both the children and their parents. The children's laughter and smiles filled the room, creating a festive atmosphere. Parents expressed their gratitude for the alumni's efforts, noting that the event had lifted their children's spirits and brought them much-needed joy.

“Volunteering and cheering the kids at the children’s hospital is the greatest blessing I can ask for,” Alanood said. “I loved seeing their smiles and hearing those innocent giggles. Nothing can beat the feeling of knowing that you helped make an ill day a happy cheerful one.”

The event not only brought cheer to the hospitalized children but also highlighted the importance of social responsibility and community engagement among YES alumni. By partnering with the hospital, the alumni demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact on their society.

Hadeel Al Sunusi (YES 2015-2016, Saudi Arabia, placed by AFS-USA in Sheboygan, WI)

Alanood AlBawardi (YES 2017-2018, Saudi Arabia, placed by AFS-USA in Seattle, WA)

Dhoha Bediwi (YES 2017-2018, Saudi Arabia, placed by CIEE in Farmington, ME)