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YES Alumni Lebanon: Unity and Success

Young Woman In A Pink Hijab Standing In Front Of A Classroom Of People

By Cynthia Fayssal (YES 2021-2022, Lebanon, placed by IRIS in Sheffield, IA) 

The Lebanese YES alumni have been thriving over the past few months, implementing lots of engaging events. We are excited to share some of the highlights! 

On July 21, the YES alumni introduced a new event series: YES Discussions. YES Discussions aim to foster engaging dialogues on a myriad of contemporary topics under the guidance of experienced alumni. Topics we have covered so far include the “Secrets of the Human Brain from a Neuropsychological Perspective” and the “Daily Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).” These discussions have focused on the intersection between science, technology, and human cognition, offering participants a chance to broaden their intellectual horizons.  

The alumni also hosted the YES virtual game night on July 16, where alumni both locally and abroad gathered to share in the fun. The game selection was diverse, from the hilariously irreverent Cards Against Humanity to the strategic Exploding Kittens to the cultural charm of Jawaker, there was something for everyone. The competition was fierce and the virtual space was filled with laughter. Though physically distant, the alumni felt a sense of unity as they strategized, laughed, and played. The event created a shared experience that transcended screens and miles.  

In addition, the YES alumni hosted a Toastmasters event in Beirut on June 27. The alumni partnered with Toastmaster/Lebanon to learn about public speaking, body language, life skills, and soft skills. The alumni worked in groups to create a three-minute business pitch and delivered it to a panel of judges from Toastmaster/Lebanon. With insightful speakers and engaging activities, the alumni learned essential tools for effective communication and self-expression.  

These events exemplify the power of collaboration, learning, and community engagement. Each gathering reinforces the YES alumni’s commitment to personal growth, knowledge sharing and relationship building. They also highlight the unique strength of the YES network – the ability to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, regions, and experiences under the banner of growth and unity. As we reflect on the highlights of the last few months, the YES network in Lebanon looks forward to a future filled with more opportunities for learning.